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Betty Bode for Beaverton City Council

Betty announced her candidacy at the Beaverton City Library.

Beaverton is a leader in Oregon, with low crime, innovative businesses and beautiful neighborhoods.  But it’s my neighbors, hard-working men and women, that make me the most proud of my city.  I am running for re-election to continue to make sure their interests are represented.  After serving the community as a nurse and a teacher, I went into politics because I realized how crucial the decisions at the regulatory level are for Beaverton’s financial stability, preservation of green spaces and human services.  Beaverton is a great city, but we must continue to invest in its residence to ensure our city’s future and legacy.  As a City Councilor, I see the challenges we are facing everyday, but I believe we can solve them together as a community. 

Economic pressures have put higher demands on our city government and have made it more difficult to protect and support our region’s most vulnerable citizens. The demands for public safety and human services have become more significant to a greater share of our population and it is placing enormous pressure on our budget and forcing leaders to make tough choices. When facing tough times, we must choose to support our neighbors and pull each other through.

There is a very direct correlation between the health of our economy and the health of our community! We cannot focus solely on business development and hiring practices; we need to focus on the individual as well. Beaverton needs to direct money for necessary community services that support and nurture our community members, which will in turn grow our economy. These two important aspects can exist together and prosper simultaneously. 

Betty’s supporters consult a map of the city.

There are too many side projects distracting from the real issues and drawing money away from an already strained budget.  I will stand with Beaverton residents to shift attention back to the health and prosperity of individuals. Beaverton residents need and deserve a stronger voice in how the city addresses critical issues. I have always strived to be the voter’s voice and to be the representative of balance and common sense, even if I have had to stand alone to do so.

As a unified voice, we can effect positive change in our community!

In my vision it takes more than attempts at collaboration. It requires a fresh inclusiveness to bring different interests into the conversations to identify and implement beneficial solutions.  Often, good ideas and positions get mired in political conflict, but when considered in a environment of mutuality, these ideas lead to innovative solutions that serve all parties. I have a track record of bringing people and ideas together. I will always look for solutions that demonstrate a respectful stewardship of our tax dollars and lands, while at the same time investing in a positive, prosperous future for the city and citizens.

As your Councilor, I will nurture both the health of our economy and the health of our community. I will continue to focus on:

  • Good jobs at all skill levels
  • More housing that offers a choice of cost, location to work, to school, and to nature
  • Maintain integrity and equity in our neighborhoods, they are the backbone of the county
  • Safeguard the green grass under our feet and keep the green in our pockets
  • Work with our regional business partners to address employment and transit needs

Better balance and better choices
for Beaverton!